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A component of a process.  An asset can be a person, a computer, a piece of software, a licence document etc

Asset Management

All of the processes involved in managing an organisation's assets.

Build - or software build

A software configuration that will work on all similar machines - Standard build

Business case

A document presenting all the risks, benefits, objectives, costs and problems associated with the implementation of a solution - Business case

Business unit

A part of an organisation that has costs and revenues associated with it that can be measured.


The addition, modification or removal of software, hardware, network, application, system or associated documentation.

Change control

The procedure to ensure that all changes are controlled.

Client Access Licence (CAL)

A licence that grants the right to a client machine or user to access services on a server - Client Access Licence


Always used in the context of software licensing, therefore the process of ensuring that all licence t's and c's are met.


The amount of expenditure caused by a specific action.

Cost effective

Balancing expense against service.


Software publishers produce different editions of software suites that include varying types of application, for example MS Office Standard, Professional, Enterprise are all different editions - Edition versus Version

End user

The person who uses the software or service.

Inventory tool

A tool used to collect the list of software assets that have been discovered on a software environment - SAM tools

Licence entitlement

Is the ultimate definition of the right that a licence grants to install or make software available when all factors are accounted for - Licence entitlement

Licence model

The way that licence requirement is defined, for example the software licence might be install, user, processor or core based - Licence models

Licence reconciliation

When licence requirement is reconciled with licence entitlement to produce a licence position - Licence reconciliation

Licence requirement

The number and type of licence required when software is installed, made available or whatever the software publisher defines as the point at which a licence is needed - Licence requirement.


The software lifecycle in SAMsource is the four stages that all software follows - procurement, deployment, operation and  retirement.


Licence novation is the substitution of ownership from one name to another when the original name ceases to exist - Licence transfers


Any group of people that constitutes a business, charity, educational institution etc that uses computers.


A measure of the financial exposure to which an organisation may be subjected.

Software environment

The collection of all software on the specified hardware and network components in question.


See End user above.


Software publishers update software from version to version, for example MS Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 are all versions - Edition versus Version