Microsoft Licence Agreements - part 1...


Microsoft's financial year runs from July to June meaning that there are great deals to be had in the run up to June 30th.


Each year every year organisations all around the world strike great deals in the May/June period as MS staff try to hit target.


So, you need to be thinking about this at least 3 months before as it can take a while to get the info together with which to go into battle. 


Things to do before June 30th:

  1. Align your agreement renewal dates with Microsoft's end of year i.e. June, wherever possible.
  2. Work out your current Microsoft licence compliance position.
  3. Define the technology upgrades your organisation is likely to make over the term of your next agreement (usually three years)
  4. Approach your reseller and negotiate.

You can start today with - Align your MS licence agreements...

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