What is the best approach to implementing a SAM programme?
If you can, we recommend that you get on with the basics immediately, which we have detailed in How to do SAM and What you should do

There is a great deal that can be achieved without the need for a formal SAM project, especially for smaller organisations.

We suggest before you go any further that you look down the list of suggested activities in What you should do and work out what you can achieve in your organisation right now and what will have to wait, either for a more formal project to be set up or a future window of opportunity as major hardware or software rollouts occur.

If you do need to find funding for a project to persuade the powers that be that these things must be done, this section is all about the obstacles that you will come across when getting a SAM programme signed off and our suggestions for overcoming those objections.

In Win Exec buy in we discuss reasons why SAM can be a low priority (if a priority at all) and the information that should be put forward to raise awareness...

It is important to present two sides to the argument.  One being based on risk and non-compliance costs, the other based on the benefits of SAM.

Once you have clearly presented your argument in terms of punitive damages that could happen if no action is taken and qualified the benefits that will happen when SAM is implemented, it is time to define your objectives.

You also need to work out what is in and out of scope.  Don't try to do everything at once - Project scope

Once you have all these points clear in your mind, you will be ready to write your SAM business case ready for presentation to the board.

We begin with Win Exec buy in...