A good place to start
We believe that far too much time and money has been wasted by commercial software consumers (you) because of a lack of good quality unbiased information.

SAMsource is here to redress that imbalance.

In the beginning...

There are three levels of SAM that you should be considering whatever the size of your organisation:
  1. Reducing costs with your software purchasing.
  2. Mitigating risks around software compliance.
  3. Controlling costs with software asset management.

Software purchasing
There are immediate cost savings that all organisations can make when purchasing commercial software, as long as you know where to look.

We begin in this section with a look at how the software market works, all of which you should be armed with if you are purchasing software and therefore dealing with software resellers.

The subject is developed further in Reduce software costs in our How to do SAM section where you will find all the advice you need to realise significant cost reductions.

Software compliance
Software compliance as a subject has existed for as long as commercial software itself.

Unfortunately the subject often appears to attract the lowest common denominator in terms of human behaviour.

There have been some shocking accounts over the years about how the software publishers and authorities treat their customers.

Much of the motivation to create SAMsource has come from witnessing episodes where customers who have not known all the facts have suffered.

We believe that information, education and training are the key.

If you know where things are most likely to go wrong and are given the opportunity and knowledge to rectify genuine mistakes, then you won't get caught out by those who are simply focussed on revenue and will do anything to meet a target.

We continue this theme with lots of advice on how to Mitigate risk in the How to do SAM section so that you won't suffer at the hands of the authorities in the way that others have.

Software Asset Management
Reading our introduction and the above it is little wonder that the SAM market is a confusing and difficult place to be.

And we do paint a perhaps overly negative picture of a space dominated by self interest and confusion.

But then if this wasn't a problem that so many are experiencing on a daily basis, there wouldn't be much to write about.

So what can we do?

Firstly we get all the bad news out of the way in this section - Software asset mgt - uncovering all the tensions, myths and problems that cause everyone the headache.

Then we show you how to solve these problems and control costs in our How to do SAM section - Control SAM costs.

Before we embark on the full SAM story, let's begin with a look at Software purchasing...