How to do SAM
This section is about what to do, why you should do it and how it can be done most effectively.

There are four main sections:
  1. What you should do
  2. Reduce software costs
  3. Mitigate risk
  4. Control SAM costs

Before looking at these we begin with an overview of How to approach SAM and then detail what to avoid in the form of Conventional advice.

You will then have a much better idea of where we are coming from.

1) What you should do

We start in earnest by listing precisely what you need to do to create a SAM system depending on the size of your organisation from 5 to 1500+ machines.

This is literally a To Do list that you can follow at any time.

2) Reduce software costs
In this section you will find all the advice you need to make serious savings on your software purchases starting today.

Your purchasing people will be able to put these practices into place with immediate effect.  They are simple and effective.

3) Mitigate risk
Buy genuine software
There is absolutely no point in purchasing software that is not genuine, you are simply wasting your money and exposing your organisation to huge risk.

There are real alternatives to proprietary software such as open source, but if you are going to purchase proprietary software then at least make sure you are doing it correctly and getting the best deal.

Avoid unwanted interest
The software authorities and publishers are becoming more and more active in policing their intellectual property.

Publishers such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Quest, Adobe etc are always looking for revenue opportunities by investigating organisations that look as if they don't have the right controls in place.

Make sure you know how and when to Contact the authorities and Ensure publisher disinterest...

How to handle the authorities if the worst happens?
If your organisation is going to go through an audit then there are things that you can do to mitigate the inconvenience and potential costs.

Make sure you know how to handle the authorities and avoid as much of the pain as possible.

4 - Control SAM costs
We have written this section upside down.

This is not to confuse you, we promise, but to make a point.

Conventional advice, as you will see in a moment, starts with what should be done half way through your SAM programme (licence management) and finishes at the beginning (controls and processes).

Our argument is simple.  The more controls you have in place, the less chaos you will experience and the easier your SAM life will be.

It is following this logic that we therefore recommend that you start with Level 1 - Fundamentals followed by Level 2 - Essentials to then finish up with Level 3 - Licence management

We begin with How to approach SAM