Who are we?
Many people have contributed to the content within the SAMsource Library, for which we are extremely grateful.

So that we do not compromise anyone's position we will not list their names as they still work for publishers, compliance authorities, software resellers, SAM solution providers and tool vendors.  The real world information and experience they have been able to add to SAMsource has been invaluable - they know who they are.

There are two of us (Ben Slater and Lee Stone - more below) who are responsible for bringing together all contributions along with our own experiences as SAM consultants working in the industry (since 2002) and writing the content of the Library.

This work will never end as we constantly update and develop the ideas and solutions, so please if you have something to say about anything you have read let us know - Contact the source...

And credit must also go to our friend and colleague Fiorella Lavado for the design of the site and her inexhaustible optimism.

SAMsource personnel
Ben Slater -
Ben has worked in the software industry since 2000 and specifically in the Software Asset Management arena since 2002 advising customers and solution providers on how to deliver the benefits of SAM.

ITIL and Prince II qualified - delivering projects since 2000 for organisations of 150 machines to 50,000 - focussing on compliance, licence management, contract management, SAM processes and controls, return on investment, risk assessment and mitigation, business and individual training, software auditing recognition and reconciliation.

Lee Stone - Lee has worked in media and technology based businesses since the beginning of time.

ITIL and Microsoft SAM qualified, Lee has been working with publishers in the licence review/compliance arena since 2004.  The knowledge he obtained behind enemy lines has been instrumental in the creation of Software compliance , Mitigate risk and his current low profile.

Our customers
As consultants we have worked with organisations of all sizes in all sectors providing SAM solutions.

We never and will never disclose the names of our customers as we believe that confidentiality on every level where compliance maybe concerned is paramount.

But to give you an idea of the types of organisation that we have worked with:
  • The UK and European divisions of a global bank (50,000 employees)
  • Global law firm (7,500 employees)
  • A major national (UK) utility company (25,000 employees)
  • Local authorities (1,000-5,000 employees)
  • Quasi government agencies (400 employees mainly offsite)
  • National multi site printing and mail fulfilment house (1000 employees)
  • Subsidiaries of globally recognised media and consumer services company (25-500 employees).
  • Local divisions of global software publishers (100 employees)
  • Regional professional services partnerships (50-200 employees)