What is licence reconciliation?
Licence reconciliation is when you match licence requirement to licence entitlement.

Theoretically all the hard work has been done in establishing your requirement and entitlement, so now it is simple a question of matching like for like.

Inevitably however, there will be further questions caused by the actual process of reconciliation, both in terms of defining actual requirement and entitlement.

What do you need to do?
We absolutely recommend that you try and establish an Initial licence position as quickly as possible to see where you stand with regards to compliance for each product.

Remember, you should be focussing on your priority products - Product prioritisation

Once you have an initial licence position, you will know what to do next, either:

The most important point
Whatever you do in terms of reconciliation, you MUST absolutely make sure that the entitlement you are matching to the requirement is valid for that product.

It is for this reason that we explain Edition versus Version, for these must work in the right way.

As we have discussed in The right licence if you don't match like for like (or have the right to Downgrade) then the licence is null and void and if a publisher is in the room you will be required to purchase a new licence.

We begin with Initial licence position...