Microsoft licence requirement?
We have covered this in a general sense in Licence requirement, but special attention should be given to Microsoft products for a variety of reasons.

It could be said that Microsoft are responsible for many of the difficulties associated with defining licence requirement in the licence management world.

Other software publishers build technology into their products so that nothing can be made available to users unless the proper licence is in place.

From the beginning Microsoft chose another route which allowed anyone that could get hold of a Microsoft software media to pretty much install and use the software without ever purchasing a licence.

Of course this is and always has been illegal as far as licensing laws are concerned, but many people around the globe have done it at some point.

The point?

Defining your Microsoft licence requirement correctly is vital to ensuring a compliant licence position.

With Microsoft products it is particularly difficult to get this right.

If Microsoft audit your organisation there is a very high probability that non-compliance will be identified even if you have very tightly managed your MS licence position.

This section is all about guiding you in the best way we know how to ensure that the chances of that happening are reduced to a minimum.

Golden rules

Check everything you are told or believe as often as you can.

Ask Microsoft (general licence enquiries in your country) for a ruling on anything that is ambiguous or debatable and keep the answer in writing.

Do NOT trust your reseller's answer.  Not all resellers have the level of expertise required and Microsoft will never accept a reseller's view if it is wrong.

Only Microsoft can ever make an ultimate decision on an MS licence ruling, so if you want it to count, get it in writing from MS themselves.

How to define a Microsoft licence requirement?

Always start with and maintain Your MS framework.

This will allow you to define your licence requirement for the MS priority products without going anywhere near a tool.

Then look at MS application licensing

Next look at MS server licensing

We then look at the final group - Microsoft client access licences.

Although SAM tool vendors often focus on Microsoft products as the reason for purchasing their tool, be aware that tools in this area are always deficient and often a complete waste of time and money - SAM tools

Before using anybody else's tool, download Microsoft's MSIA and see what that can tell you.

Many people have criticised it over the years, but it is simple, quick and has one of the best Microsoft product recognition capabilities out there.

We begin with Your MS framework...