Do you know the best way to buy software?
Purchasing software is incredibly simple, but buying genuine product at the best price is not so obvious.

We know that the industry does not have your best interests at heart because we have worked in it...

The reason we have created SAMsource (total independence) is to provide you with all the information your organisation needs to reduce your software costs today.

We can show you simple steps that will save your organisation between 15% and 30%+ on software purchasing alone.

No tools, no hassle, no complexity, just straightforward advice on ensuring that the basics are in place so that you are not being ripped off.

Reality bites

The fact is that We all pay too much for software.

There are five main reasons why - read this page so that you know what to avoid and what can be done to fix it.

What are you dealing with?

We have worked on the inside of the proprietary software industry.

SAMsource gives us the opportunity to tell you about what you are dealing with in terms of The software market.  This information will assist you in any negotiations that you enter with resellers or publishers.

In The resellers' rebate we disclose one of the peculiarities of the software market that is rarely acknowledged outside of the industry. 

Simply by knowing what this is all about gives you more information with which to reduce a reseller's pricing.

And did you know that different resellers enjoy different levels of discount from the publishers? 

When you think about it, it is obvious, they are businesses like any other so able to negotiate like the rest of us. 

Of course from your perspective it does mean that there is huge potential for discounts on every deal - The resellers' discount

Timing is everything

One aspect of the software market is often overlooked. 

Software publishers have financial periods (end of year, quarter etc) like any other business.

Match that to a sales driven environment and there are targets and deadlines for those targets.

That means that proprietary software publishers will often 'do anything' to close a deal in time to hit a target, so we ask the question, is there a right time to purchase?

What more can you do?

In How to do SAM you will find far more comprehensive explanation of what your organisation can do today to reduce software costs by 15% to 30%+

We continue in this section with We all pay too much...