Do you know where you stand with software compliance?
Software compliance is a controversial subject. 

There is a huge amount of misinformation about, usually of a threatening nature.

In the SAMsource Library you will find all the information you need to avoid unwanted interest from the software authorities and advice on how to handle them if the worst happens.

What is wrong with the industry?
The software authorities hide behind and enforce laws that treat end user organisations in the same way as real criminal elements.

If your organisation uses proprietary software, copyright law prescribes that it is always your responsibility to ensure that it is licensed correctly - Reconciliation

We believe that these laws give too much power to the compliance authorities and the way that they wield them is often outrageous.

You are not alone if you are put off by the attitude of the industry but you do need to take action to protect your organisation.

What can happen?

If your organisation is contacted by one of the authorities, then expect expensive and time consuming investigation where you will be asked to prove that you have enough licences for the software deployed.

If you are not prepared then it can take a long time to produce the necessary information, typically 20+ days (internal resource) for organisations of less than 500 machines and 40+ days for organisations of 500+ machines - more detail in Non-compliance costs

If you do not have the licence evidence required, your organisation will have to purchase new licences to cover any shortfall, typically averaging out at £100 to £250 per machine.

And depending on what they find, fines can be levied against you, anything from £10,000+

The law is on the side of the authorities.

Make sure your organisation has the knowledge to avoid these situations and the expertise to deal with them if they occur.

Are these threats real?

Of course what you need to know is whether any of this is actually going to happen.  Exactly what are the chances of being audited and prosecuted?

We also look at who is most likely to audit your organisation and how the software publishers will carry out such an exercise - Software publisher audits

What causes all the hassle?

One of the most important things you can read today is our list of the common Causes of non-compliance

Remember this...

If you or anyone in your organisation is using or accessing software then you must always assume that a valid licence is required and you must be able to prove that your organisation has that licence in its possession.

That is the bottom line - if you accept those two points and do something about them then all risks around non-compliance disappear.

And so that you don't have to spend too long managing the situation, we explain all that you need to do in How to do SAM

Let's begin with a closer look at the software authorities...