What is software asset management all about?
When you cut through all the FUD SAM comes down to three things:
  • Controlling SAM costs with some common sense.

What do you need to do?

We firmly believe that SAM should start today - How to do SAM

In SAMsource we show you how a great deal can be achieved without the need for a huge project or tools to be implemented.

By following SAMsource advice you should expect the following however much SAM you might have done already:

1) Save between 15% and 30%+ on your software purchasing over the next year.

2) Avoid compliance costs of between £100 and £250 per machine.

3) Realise cost savings in addition to the above of at least £100+ per machine.

SAM and SAMsource

As you can see already SAM covers three distinct areas of within the software world - purchasing, compliance and management.

Although all three areas are interconnected we have structured the Library so that you can approach each one separately but understand how they relate to each other as you work through each section.

Our advice is to start with software purchasing as this is the easiest to get right and the most immediately rewarding in terms of cost savings.

With compliance please read our free information before going any further - Software compliance - where we discuss the chances of being audited and prosecuted and listed the most common causes of non-compliance.

The defining tension in software asset management is between control and cost.

The more controls you have in place the lower the chances of there being compliance breaches, the less unnecessary software there will be on your estate, the easier your life will be.

But the cost of implementing controls can outweigh the benefits.

So you need to focus your efforts in the right places.  You need a guide who has walked this path before.

Based on real world experience, the totally independent guidance we offer is immediately available so that you can get things done today that will have a direct and positive impact on your cost base.

SAM for the people

We start this section with a more detailed look at what SAM actually entails for the people involved - How SAM works

We then look at specific reasons that cause trouble in the SAM environment - SAM myths

And continuing from the tension described above we quantify what it means when you are Managing chaos

A quick word on audit tools
Many organisations have mistakenly approached SAM by implementing an audit tool as the first step.

This can often lead to a great deal of unnecessary work and frustration.  A tool will only report on the state of you controls.  If you are trying to manage chaos a tool won't help as all it can do is report chaos.

We go into a lot more detail in SAM Tools where we discuss the most common problems and some solutions.  For now all we ask is that you keep an open mind towards our argument that a great can be done without a tool.

Ultimately an audit tool should be part of a comprehensive SAM solution, all we are saying is that there are limits as to how useful they can be unless the information going into them is relatively clean.

If your organisation does not yet have an audit tool, seriously consider delaying that purchase until you have addressed the basics around software procurement, compliance and management - How to do SAM

If you do have an audit tool it is time to make sure that the basic controls are in place otherwise you will continue to waste a huge amount of time trying to understand the results.

Finally in this section we give newcomers to the SAM market an overview of the solution providers you will come across and an explanation of why most people within SAM struggle with a conflict of interest.

Let's begin with a look at the How SAM works depending on your role...