More room for manoeuvre?
As well as the reseller's rebate, your top level resellers will also enjoy considerable levels of discount with the software publishers.

Software publishers issue list prices for all of their retail products, licence agreements etc. to the reseller community.

Resellers who have the financial clout and know-how in terms of negotiation will arrange more agreeable discounts than others.

The level of discount will depend on the 'importance' of the reseller to the publisher in terms of how much product they sell, their market share within certain sectors etc

This of course is a good healthy competitive aspect of the market.

If one reseller wishes to focus on one publisher's products, sell more of it than anyone else, provide a better service than anyone else then of course they should enjoy greater discounts.

How does this help you?

Our point is simply that from your perspective as the end user, we believe you should be aware of what you are dealing with.

Different resellers will receive different levels of discount from the same publisher.

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