On this page you will learn:

- Who is most likely to audit your organisation

- What they are like to deal with

Which publishers do the most audits?
Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Adobe appear to be the most active in the market.

Microsoft have been 'reviewing' customers since about 2001 by using third parties to work 'in partnership' with the customer.

Oracle have their own auditing team and have done so for many years.

IBM - ditto

Adobe are relative new comers to the scene and now have a compliance department.

Any other software publisher can request a licence review or audit, especially if you are a big customer.

Whilst working with clients over the last year we have heard of specific cases of interest from Quest, SAP, Clearswift, Novel, Symantec and Broadvision where 'heavy' discussions at the very least have taken place.

Each one of these conversations was time consuming for the client and usually expensive in the final settlement when the licence position was finally agreed.

Are they difficult to deal with?
All publishers are tricky to deal with, but some are definitely worse than others.

Everyone that we have met that has dealt with Oracle says that they are very difficult.

Clients have said that Microsoft can be belligerent but ultimately they are looking to come to a reasonable agreement.  They do offer some support in moving people along the SAM road following any action so that it won't need to be repeated.

Quest and Clearswift are known to be aggressive.

We now take a look at how audits from these software publishers can take place...