What does an IBM audit look like?
In the UK, IBM outsource all their audit work to KPMG.

IBM are known to be tough but fair.  The review (audit) process can be long and laborious but from what we have seen with customers who have been through the experience, IBM are not looking to push overly pedantic interpretations of their licensing to just simply win revenue, which cannot be said for other publishers.

IBM licensing rules are, compared to some, straight forward.

If a product is installed on a server, you need the licences.

If users can connect to services (servers) you need licences.

Credit to IBM

One excellent feature of IBM has been their record keeping over the years.  The Passport Advantage website is generally complete and useful.

But you must make sure that all records are allocated to your organisation on the Passport Advantage website, otherwise they will not show up and your organisation will not get the credit for them.

If you have had experience of the IBM audit process then please let us know if you agree or disagree with the above - Contact us

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