On this page we explain:

- The concept of SAM and chaos

- The solution

What do we mean?
If you don't have the right controls in place over your software estate then you have a chaotic situation to manage.

With chaos comes a higher risk of non-compliance and fewer opportunities of cost reductions in your software purchasing.

The problem
Audit tool vendors actually like the idea of chaos in your software estate.  They can then push the message that their tool is the way to gain control.

We can assure you that audit tools never introduce control, all they will ever do is report on the chaos.

The higher the level of chaos, the more chaotic the tools reporting.

The more chaotic the reporting the longer it will take to make sense of what is wrong.  The longer it takes the more money and time is spent, often for no gain.

The solution

Our argument is simple.  Deal with chaos at a root cause level by implementing controls that focus on the right areas.

With the right controls in place your software estate will become far more manageable, the risks of non-compliance will be dramatically reduced and cost savings can then be realised.

We detail the areas that you need to cover in:

Next we look at the types of SAM solution provider in the market...