Be very careful
When transferring licences, make sure you investigate the rules specific to that publisher.

We have seen many examples of mergers, divestitures, rearrangements of organisations where the licensing component ended in tears.

Often with mergers and acquisitions, licences just get lumped into the same contract that every other asset is included in from tables to desks to buildings to tea mugs.

DANGER - Licensing is more complex, you are effectively transferring a contract which has its own set of rules and these must be adhered to.

Microsoft's rules
The rules about transferring licences have changed over the years as terms of agreements have changed.

For some licence agreements transfers can take place directly between the two parties involved.

Under some agreement types, however, such a transfer may only take place where Microsoft are notified and written permission is returned.

Things to watch
Volume agreements must be transferred entirely, i.e. licences under the agreement cannot be split up and sent in different directions.

Operating System licences may NOT be transferred unless with the hardware that they were sold with.

Upgrade licences may NOT be transferred unless with a qualifying base licence.

For more detail see the Microsoft Volume Licensing Briefs - Product License Transfer

Licence novation vs transfer
Licence novation should take place when an organisation changes its name, i.e. it is an internal transfer when the name of the legal owner changes..

Transfer is when licences are moved from one organisation to another.

We now look at Firmware...