SAMsource consists of the following components:
  • SAMsource Library
  • Training
  • Advisory

SAMsource is here to provide comprehensive SAM information based on practical experience and train people in relevant software asset management techniques.

For years there has been far too much confusion in the SAM market in terms of information and advice.

We are the definitive source of real world practical information that is going to help you achieve great SAM results.

The SAMsource Library
The SAMsource Library is a totally independent source of information for you to:
  • Understand software purchasing, software compliance and software asset management in detail.
  • Implement beneficial practices in all of these areas yourself rather than having to pay expensive consultants for the privilege.

The information in the Library will enable your organisation to avoid the risks and take advantage of the benefits so that you can:
  • Save money when buying software.
  • Control your licence compliance and the software authorities at all times.
  • Control costs when managing software.
What is SAMsource based on?
Knowledge from industry experts working in the SAM environment since 2000.

ITIL SAM Guide of best practice.

ISO 19770 standard.

On the next page we describe SAMsource's Total independence which is of incredible importance to us...