How to mitigate risk
Risk in the SAM arena focuses on:

1) Counterfeit vs genuine software licensing - Make sure your organisation does all it can to avoid the risk of purchasing non genuine software licensing. 

In how to Buy genuine software we look at the best ways to mitigate these risks.

2) Licence non-compliance - We deal with this specifically in Reconciliation in terms of creating a licence position and Control SAM costs in terms of managing such a position and making it as easy as possible to do so.

3) Avoiding contact with the authorities - Whether we like it or not, the software publishers get more active by the day with customer audits. 

In Avoid unwanted interest we discuss how you should speak to the authorities to avoid triggering interest and also how to keep them from ever showing interest at all.

4) Dealing with contact with the authorities - At some point despite all your efforts it is probable that an audit will happen.

In How to handle we look at each of the most likely scenarios that you will have to deal with.

We begin with a look at what you need to do to ensure that you Buy genuine software...